John L. Finegan  
816 Cedarcroft Road  
(410) 435-2846
Baltimore, MD 21212
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Objective To work in an aggressive, results-oriented environment where I can make optimum use of my business consulting skills, my object-oriented design/coding skills, and my other technology skills to address business needs.

Technical Proficiencies
Smalltalk (Digitalk/Parkplace Visual Smalltalk Enterprise and IBM Visual Age Environments), XML, HTML, PHP, Java (IBM Visual Age and IBM Websphere Studio Application Developer), JavaScript, SMT (Synchrony Systems Smalltalk migration tool), TEAM/V (code repository interface), Rapid SQL (SQL database query tool), TOPLink (object model persistence interface), Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, MS Office and Project, PVCS Tracker, QARun, Objectory (object-oriented case tool), Remedy (service management tool).

Summary of Professional Experience

March, 2005 - Independent Contract with Quaker Safety Products Corporation (QSPC)
June, 2005 Quakertown, PA

  Website Development
  • Designed and presented winning contract bid focused on QSPC’s business needs and budget.
  • Redesigned, developed, and implemented QSPC’s website.
  • Extensively utilized standard and original PHP classes, functions, and scripting interacting with an XML document containing content and format data to automate page creation and to facilitate site maintenance.
  • Provided efficient and intuitive site navigation by leveraging PHP to dynamically generate JavaScript.

October, 1996 - The St. Paul Travelers (formerly The St. Paul, formerly USF&G)
March, 2005 Baltimore and Hunt Valley, MD

  All projects involved working closely with business customers either to expand or to maintain the Business Foundation System (BFS), an award-winning proprietary application developed with Object-Oriented methodologies to serve all policy writing, rating, and record-keeping functions for the Small Commercial Division of the Company. Project work covered the full system life cycle including needs analysis, design, coding, test plan development, and testing.

During my tenure, BFS evolved from a three-layered, Smalltalk-based smart-client application to an n-tier distributed service model supported by two Smalltalk dialects, Java servlets running within Websphere, and XML as a means of data abstraction. This client-server system now uses dynamic HTML created in Java servlets running under Websphere to connect the client to distributed Java and Smalltalk policy object models which are stored in a Sybase System 12 database.

BFS has a patent pending and has received the following awards:
  Positions: Senior Systems Analyst (10/01), Systems Analyst (5/99), Senior Programmer (10/98), Programmer/Analyst (7/97), Programmer/Analyst Trainee (10/96).

  Work Highlights
  • Auto XML (Technical lead) - Coordinated BFS’s commercial auto object model and functionality with ACORD (industry standard) XML via a Websphere interface to allow both the batch processing of merger-related roll-on business and the streamlining of real-time individual policy quotes submitted by agencies. Trained personnel in system and ACORD specification auditing techniques required to complete analysis and design phases. Organized and ran requirements planning meetings with agency partners. Devised and maintained project plan of all required tasks, deliverables, and responsibilities. Business partners rated me “excellent to work with.”
  • BOP XML - For Property insurance line and similar to Auto XML project but without lead responsibilities. Performed analysis, design, and coding for conversion rule classes and translation dictionaries facilitating interface between XML submissions/responses and BFS object model. Built GUI domain interrogation, attribute mapping, and project tracking tools. Worked closely with business partners to ensure accurate interface with partners’ applications. Project won many awards for ACORD standards and practices.
  • Workers’ Comp Stat Reporting - Researched all statistical reporting requirements pertaining to individual states for a project that moved the highly regulated Workers’ Compensation line of business onto BFS. Led a team to design and implement protocols that leveraged and reengineered BFS’s existing statistical reporting framework to generate transactional reporting streams compliant with each state’s regulations.
  • Web Quick Quote - Developed significant changes in BFS architecture (to a distributed service model and web interface). Coded interface protocols between Java and Smalltalk objects; ported concurrent development’s VSE domain updates to VA using Synchrony Systems’ SMT migration tool; designed, documented, and provided training in support and maintenance protocols; co-authored OOPSLA (Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications) Conference Practitioner Reports submission describing the re-architecture and business case and co-presented it at 2001 OOPSLA Conference.
  • QARun - Project to build automated regression testing tool for releases and major code integrations. Taught myself the VB-like QARun scripting syntax through tutorials and experimentation in order to be able to write and debug complex scripts. Built a process using QARun and a Smalltalk-based data entry recording tool to automate the creation/modification of testcase spreadsheets and automated testing feeds.
  • State Rules Refactoring - Led a Smalltalk refactoring project, making use of OO design patterns (factory, singleton, sharable objects), to compartmentalize U.S. state-related system behaviors into singleton objects. Involved building tools for domain interrogation and for tracking changes to over a thousand methods in need of state behavior refactoring.
  • General - Implemented interface, domain, data storage, and statistical reporting solutions from my own designs as well as designs inherited from other analysts. Mentored peers in BFS architecture and functionality and in object-oriented design and coding techniques. Volunteered for and actively served on director-led committee to address employee morale and retention. Wrote carefully considered manager and peer reviews, some influencing contract employee extensions.
  • Six-week Object-Oriented Boot Camp. Included OO Analysis and Design course taught by Object Space.
  • Two-day workshop - "Consulting Skills for the IS Professional" (Alouette Associates)
  • Java Training - "OO Programming with VA JAVA" (The Object People)
  Manager Comments From My Appraisals
  • "Dedication and ability to produce large volumes of high quality work" and "highly complex coding."
  • "Positive approach to solving difficult problems and handling difficult situations."
  • “Demonstrated a positive attitude and was willing to take on any assignment to make the project a success.”
  • “Can be counted on the get the job done by fully understanding requirements and developing comprehensive solutions.”
  • “Often looks at things in a unique way. This ability and his willingness to probe various parameters result in himself and others seeing possibilities that might not otherwise be considered.”
  • “Entertaining to work with. He keeps the team motivated and makes daily assignments more enjoyable.”
  • “Extremely approachable” and “easy to talk to.”
  • “A gifted presenter of technical information.”

February, 1996 - Orion Communications, LLC (Internet publishing and consulting start-up)
April, 1996 Brooklandville, MD

  Account Manager - Greater Baltimore Tech Council and Greater Baltimore Alliance
  • Designed and performed sales presentations based on client marketing and communications needs.
  • Designed customer Websites and wrote company marketing brochure, service proposals, and contracts.
  • Testified before the Maryland House Judiciary Committee in support of a bill to increase the legal severity of violating digital property rights.

September, 1993 - Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc.
July, 1995 Baltimore, MD

  Senior Specialist - Voluntary Reorganization Information (11/94 - 7/95)
  • Demonstrated specialized and comprehensive knowledge of voluntary reorganization offer procedures in researching and communicating to brokers all offers in which their clients could participate.
  • Carefully managed continuous streams of time-critical information in order minimize extensive liability risks the firm assumes in processing voluntary offers.
  • Supervised reorganization processing personnel and trained them in reorganization procedures.
  Reorganization Associate - Physical Processing (9/93 - 10/94)
  • Performed systems mapping analysis and testing for new firm-wide computer system.
  • Developed automated enhancements for more efficient and precise physical securities processing.
  • Instructed operations personnel in PC troubleshooting, applications, and processing automations.

Education Goucher College, Towson, MD
B.A. (Economics) and The Senior Class Commencement Speaker, May 1993.

Interests Photography, sailing, hiking, marathon running, blues and folk guitar playing, tennis, softball, skiing.

References available upon request.